June 6, 2023

The future of marketing is simple

After 20 years in marketing, I can say one thing for sure. Our jobs are not simple. Marketers today are expected to be a lot of things: creative, analytical, technical, great project managers to name just a few. To use most popular marketing platforms, we are even expected to learn a whole new programming language.

Why is this? Simply stated, a lot of existing platforms were built 10-20 years ago. They are powerful, and they can do a lot. But they are built on legacy stacks, often with acquired technology tacked on. The architecture isn’t as nimble as something built today and they aren’t built with usability at their core.

The result? Marketing teams that are stretched too thin - being asked to do more with less and to learn new skills that take away from their core focus as marketers.

We think that marketing should be, well…simpler. We believe this so much that one of our core values at Tildei is Radical Simplicity. With everything we build and everything we do, we ask one question - can this be simpler? If we look at marketing platforms today, the answer is a resounding yes. And for brands to move their marketing to the next level, they must be.

That’s where Tildei comes in. We want marketers to be marketers, and this is how we are going to do it.

Simplicity is at our Core

Think about some of your favorite services. Some of mine - Slack or TikTok for example - are favorites for reasons beyond their utility or content. There is no shortage of places where I can chat with colleagues and friends or stream videos, though Slack and TikTok surely excel at that too. But what sets them apart is the experience. The interfaces are intuitive, easy to navigate, and helpful. When you log into the platforms,  you just know what to do.

We are drawing our inspiration from some of our favorite tools as marketers and product managers. Think Figma, Notion, or Miro. We are building a modern platform that draws on all the things we love about other platforms and more. So what’s that look like?

A modern platform is easy to use

The other day I asked an engineering colleague what they thought a marketer’s job was. They had a great answer: to creatively communicate ideas. It’s why most marketers I know chose this career, and it’s a compelling reason. But the day-to-day reality is often pretty different than what I imagined when I started my career. I didn’t envision being elbow deep in code to troubleshoot campaign errors. I didn’t envision poking around settings and preferences in 10 different platforms, designed 10 different ways, to make a simple change.

Platforms now are built differently, and Tildei is drawing on common and intuitive choices that feel natural to today’s users. Things like leveraging common keyboard shortcuts to navigate around and quickly create,  gestures to view your campaign flows, and slash commands to call in content or functions. There is no new language to learn - we have a team of amazing engineers who do that for you behind the scenes. You create beautiful, dynamic campaigns through an interface that makes sense from the moment you log in. No certificates, tutorials, or dev team support necessary - just your ideas easily coming to life.

A modern platform helps you get started

WhatsApp is a new channel for businesses and conversational marketing is still a fresh idea. Per our value - Radical Simplicity - Tildei is specifically designed to make this easy for marketers. We handle everything from keeping you in compliance with Meta rules to flexible templating to get you started. Log into the platform and you will be presented with the most valuable campaigns to get you going. Welcomes, newsletters, triggers, reviews and more - simply choose the one that makes sense, edit to your specifications, and publish. We put up the guardrails and the creativity is all you.

Marketing stacks are complex and adding onto it is no small decision! Your data needs to be in the right place and different platforms must work seamlessly together to keep your marketing machine well oiled. Tildei makes your most important integrations easy to set up so there is no interruption to your flows, and no barrier to get started.

A modern platform is collaborative

Marketing is arguably the most collaborative, cross-functional role in any organization. Today we use email, Slack, Dropbox, and countless other tools to gather assets, collect feedback, and get campaign approvals. But collaboration can and should happen in real time where you already are. Long gone are the days of emailing around Word documents with “_v26” at the end of the file name. Now, we @ mention a colleague in a Google Doc or share a link with a note, with versions, edits, and comments seamlessly tracked and saved in real-time. It’s time for marketing platforms to catch up.

Collaboration tools in the editor

Tildei is bringing the productivity revolution to marketers, with real-time collaboration and robust commenting. Leave feedback, make changes, and manage approvals in the campaign itself, reducing both the time needed to collate comments and the chance of making errors.


A modern platform answers “What’s next?“

The emergence of ChatGPT and generative AI is changing the landscape…and quickly feeling like a buzzword. We will continue to be thoughtful about how we build AI into our platform - but it will be core. As we see it, the question marketers are constantly asking is “What’s next?” And that is what we will answer.

What is the next step in the customer journey for this specific customer? What A/B test should I run next? Who should even get this campaign?

As a conversational marketing platform, our vision for AI is likewise a conversation between Tildei and our users. Instead of building a query like:

Gender = Male
State = New York or NY
Purchase date = last 90 days

And then checking for syntax and QAing, you would simply say “Hey Tildei, give me all males in NY who have purchased in the last 90 days”

Or better yet…“Hey Tildei, make me a happy birthday campaign” - and voila you have a segment and copy in your brand voice ready for your approval. The possibilities are endless - more to come on how we are dreaming up AI…

A modern platform lets you do your job

At the end of the day, we think marketers should be marketers. Not project managers, not data scientists, not coders. Between our team, we have both been marketers and built enterprise software for marketers. We know the good, the bad, and the ugly. We also know it can be easier. Tildei is the platform for the modern marketer. Welcome to the future of marketing.