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Here's why you should be marketing on whatsapp
2.4 Billion monthly active users
By far THE most popular chat app in the world.
10X the open rates of email
WhatsApp is a break-through channel for marketers.
Better, more actionable metrics
Go beyond opens & clicks to real interactions, and collect customer data through conversations.
Integrated with Meta Ads engine
Drive traffic through an integrated solution.
Family Group
Dad: Should we go skiing this winter?
3 messages unread.
Summer is around the corner ☀️
Reach your customers where they already are
100 billion messages are sent on WhatsApp every single day. Your customers are already there - in group chats, connecting with friends and family, and talking to businesses.

Break through the marketing clutter in the most popular chat app in the world.
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Meaningful, AI-powered conversations
at scale
80% of customers want to talk to brands throughout their buying process. But having meaningful conversations at scale is a challenge!

Tildei provides an elegant, simple solution to enable on-brand yet personalized conversations. All the guardrails you need, with the brand experience you want.
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Target people aged 25-44 in NYC who bought clothes in the past 90 days.
aged 25-44
New York City
Last 90 days
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