September 14, 2023

Before and After: Reimagining Marketing Campaigns as Conversations

For so long marketers have been chasing the elusive right message to the right person at the right time, and today’s technology gets you pretty darn close. But being a marketer also means staying ahead of your customers’ wants and needs, and personalized isn’t the same as personal. Today, 80% of consumers want brands to offer a conversational channel and 77% want to use messaging to get help in their initial buying stages. Consumers want it, brands want to meet them there, and now, we can make it happen.

We’re excited about conversational marketing. It’s at the forefront of bringing customers and brands closer together. True 2-way communication is what builds relationships, and it’s a future that’s no longer difficult to imagine. Here at Tildei, whenever we receive emails or SMS messages, we turn those campaigns into conversations. Today, we’re sharing those conversation ideas with you.

Now let’s reimagine these campaigns as if they were conversations:

Suggesting the right gear based on your court of choice / Guiding the product search

Asics has the right gear for the right sport. With pickleball being America’s fastest growing sport, it’s important for their active customers to know that Asics supports them on any court. This kind of message not only drives awareness to other product categories, but it can also be used for progressive profiling and tuning into the specific interests of customers.

Subject line: Total support on any court 🏸

Building engagement and intrigue into onboarding

Email isn’t the only channel that we reimagine as conversations. SMS messages as well can become more dynamic and interactive when moved into WhatsApp. From the outset, when a customer first signs up to receive messages from you brand, it’s a chance to show them how fun the experience can be. Instead of only saying hi nice to meet you, use the first message as an opportunity for them to get something in return. In this first interaction, leverage the more interactive components available to you in WhatsApp and share videos of the product, send store locations, or at the very least ask them a little about themselves.

A Beauty Quiz to Recommend the Best Routine / A quiz

For customers, quizzes help narrow down the right products, make sense of the latest trends, and fill in when speaking with someone directly isn’t an option. For brands, quizzes provide an organic opportunity to learn more about their customers and begin to capture data points, specifically conversational data. And what better way to learn about someone than through a conversation? Moving a quiz to WhatsApp reduces friction and increases completion, staying in one channel versus jumping from email to web to complete. So what if we turned this quiz into the type of conversation it’s trying to mimic?

Subject line: Meet our new Clean Routine Skin Care Quiz

Simplifying the review process

Is it even possible to make a purchase or a reservation or a decision without reading a review? The majority of the decision-making process happens online so reviews provide the information needed to make an informed decision. To make the review ecosystem work, we too have to leave reviews from time to time. It’s not always the easiest process to leave a review though, so we’re turning to WhatsApp to remove friction. What does it look like if reviews became a conversation?

Subject line: Write a review for Robert

Reinventing the newsletter

Newsletters can be long and include a lot of information your readers might not always find relevant to their specific needs or situations. Usually in email, the big debate is about what to put above the fold. But what if we let each individual customer decide what they see first and remove the fold all together? An interactive newsletter enables you to shorten your message and only show the required information relevant to the reader. The options your reader selects can be stored and used for future personalization.

Subject Line: Investing Insights for August