January 30, 2024

Case Study: How American Dream Turned Conversations into Conversions for the Holiday Season

The holiday season is a busy time. It’s filled with shopping for gifts, spending time with family and friends, and taking part in holiday traditions. Most consumers don’t have a minute to spare, let alone time to sit down and search for holiday experiences that they’d rather just be, well, experiencing. American Dream used WhatsApp conversations powered by Tildei to guide their customers in discovering and booking the best holiday experiences yet.

American Dream — a center for fashion, food, family, and fun — is not only a place to find the perfect item, but also a place where visitors can ride a rollercoaster, glide down a water slide, and ski groomed slopes all under one roof. American Dream customers expect mind-blowing experiences, and 2023’s Holiday Dreamland was the opportunity to craft the perfect holiday getaway. The challenge was, how do they make it easy for their customers to discover all of the fun they had on offer?

Driving Event Awareness: Meta Ad

For similar events in the past, American Dream used Meta Ads to reach their target audience. A click on the ad would direct the customer to an event landing page or individual booking and events pages. The American Dream team wanted to elevate the experience and provide personalized information. They were in search of a tool that would continue the conversation, foster engagement, and make life easier for their customers versus just linking them out to a landing page.

That’s where American Dream turned to WhatsApp marketing with the help of Tildei. By launching their WhatsApp channel and leveraging the ‘Send Message’ action from the Meta Ad, American Dream was able to use a single ad to target a broader audience and build the deeper connections they sought. Instead of the ad opening a new page, the ad now led directly to a 1:1 automated conversation for the customer to learn more about the holiday experiences.

Boosting Engagement and Supporting Discovery: WhatsApp Conversation

The primary goal of the campaign was to take the stress out of the holiday season and make it easier for their customers to plan meaningful holiday experiences using the American Dream Holiday Guide. The conversation allowed customers to choose their own adventure by giving them three main categories from which to select: Holiday events, shop and dine, and entertainment.

Within each of the three main categories, they included additional areas to explore from photos with Santa to finding the perfect restaurant. Based on the unique customer’s area of interest, the automated conversation shared a link directly to that landing page on the American Dream website.

Growing Conversions: Tickets sold

This was American Dream’s first foray into WhatsApp marketing. As an exploratory campaign, their main goal was to drive awareness for their events. They were quickly surprised to find that not only did their customers engage in conversations, but they also went on to book experiences: 1 in 5 conversations started, resulted in a purchase.

Higher Conversions Through Conversational Messaging

The American Dream Holiday Guide on WhatsApp served as a single source for relevant event information and ticket booking for their customers. The conversational style of WhatsApp marketing was a perfect fit for event discovery. Customers communicated with American Dream similarly to how they interact with their family and friends. The conversation provided a relaxed dialogue where they could explore the American Dream holiday offering in their own time and in their own way.

The initial campaign has set the foundations for growing deeper relationships with those who started conversations and has inspired American Dream to test new WhatsApp campaigns in the future.

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