June 23, 2023

5 Creative WhatsApp Marketing Campaigns for Retail

WhatsApp is the perfect platform for retailers to connect with customers, and engage in true conversations that lead to brand loyalty and conversion. If you are looking for creative inspiration to take advantage of WhatsApp’s unique features and provide a fresh marketing experience, we got you covered! Here are 5 creative ways for retailers to use WhatsApp for marketing.

Creative WhatsApp campaigns using QR codes

How can QR codes capture my customers in WhatsApp?

Using a QR code in your customer lifecycle is a low-friction method to open a conversation with your customers. Over the past few years, QR codes have become a common sight for shoppers. They have become familiar with taking out their phones to scan codes on menus, on posters, when standing in line, and in-store. The QR code for WhatsApp automatically routes them to a chat flow from the moment of scanning.

#1 Point-of-Sale Campaigns

The check out counter is the perfect place to gather information so you can connect with your customers online. It’s also an experience we are accustomed to - providing email or mobile numbers for loyalty memberships or discounts is commonplace today. A QR code at point-of-sale is a seamless process. Your customer scans the code, WhatsApp opens with a pre-populated message. Once they hit send to confirm their opt-in they get an immediate reply and on-the-spot discount, all hands off for the associate! Now that they are opted in you can follow up on their purchases, future store events, sales, or any other marketing.

Benefits to this campaign: Collect marketing opt-ins in a new and engaging way, capturing a new audience

#2 Assisted Sales

We have all been in a store looking at a product and wanted just a bit more information. Does this toaster have good reviews? What pants would look good with this shirt? What accessories are needed to make this camera work? QR codes on clothing tags, shelves, or on packaging can route your customers to an engaging conversation on WhatsApp. From the first scan, your suggested replies allow them to choose what they want to learn more about and answer their questions. At the end of the conversation, you have rich information about what is important to your customer, stored to a profile to use anytime you talk to them.

Benefits to this campaign: Influence the buying process, surprise and delight your customers, connect with your customers on topics that matter to them

#3 Post-purchase Reviews

Another use for QR code marketing is within a parcel or delivery package. A flyer with a QR code is included in the box. When scanned, it routes your buyer to a message thread where they can provide a review or feedback. Have them provide a star rating, written review, and even photos of your product in their home. Take it a step further with recommended products.

Benefits to this campaign: Receive direct feedback on your products, shipping, and overall purchase process; generate input about any improvements such as delivery, sizing, and packaging; rectify any situations with unsatisfied customers

Creative WhatsApp campaigns using URL links

How to use a URL link for WhatsApp marketing

A URL is another way to route your customers to a WhatsApp conversation with your brand. URLs can be used across both mobile and desktop web pages so they’re easy to place throughout the customer journey. Once clicked, it opens a WhatsApp conversation for them to engage with your brand based on the link they clicked.

#4 Product launch / ‘drop’ campaign

You have a new and exciting product launch, and your customers can’t wait to learn when they can get their hands on it. On your product launch landing page, you can include a URL link that will start a message thread. In the conversation, you can share more information on the product and ask them if they want to receive countdown messages so they’re ready. Leading up to the launch you can share the product’s release date and more behind-the-scenes content.

Benefits to this campaign: Innovative way to build on the excitement around launches and ‘drops’, helpful for customers who want to be in the know, URLs can be easily placed on targeted webpages

#5 Early access campaigns

Back to School, Labor Day or another big sale event is fast approaching, and your customers are eager to see your offers. Encourage them to sign up for early access by providing a link that opens a chat where they can opt-in to learn more. You can follow it with a menu of product areas to choose from to learn more. And remember - all responses can be stored for future segmentation!

Benefits to this campaign: Build excitement and brand loyalty, URLs can be easily placed on targeted webpages

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